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I hope followers, and even passers-by, will take a moment to leave a comment saying, “Hello!” If you’re following this blog, I’d love to know what brought you here and why you decided to listen to my stories. And if you’re one of the initiates — a coder — by all means speak up!

Here’s the thing: I am utterly sick of bloggers using Likes and Follows in what seems an obvious attempt to promote their own blog with no regard for, or interest in, my blog. Get one thing straight: I am not part of your marketing plan!

And I am so fed up with it that I immediately remove any new Follows that have not either commented on a post or announced themselves and their purpose here.

7 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. I am recommending this blog to my son who is a computer science major. Much of what I have read here so far sounds exactly like what he tells me he is studying. I don’t understand most of it, but he is so enthusiastic about the topics, and that makes me very happy.

    • Well, hello there Honie Briggs!! Been ages since we “spoke” last. I hope your life is going well (as opposed to “down the well”)!

      Yeah, this is my esoteric mono-topic blog where I’m trying to make very little effort to talk to a general audience. “Getting my Geek on,” as they say (when “they” like to speak in cliches). Those same they (or maybe it’s a different they) say a single-topic blog is most likely to get loyal readers… but so far only a couple people have beaten a path to this here door. Maybe it just takes time… lots and lots of time… :/

      Hopefully your son will find something of value here. He’s exactly the sort of audience I have in mind! (The rest have to sit up in the peanut gallery in confused awe at our Geeky incrediblenessosity. (Spammers have to sit in the back row in the broken seats, and they don’t get any peanuts.))

  2. Logos con carne brought me here, and I’ll be sure to follow this one too!

    • Welcome! I thought this would be an easy and breezy blog given my career and how much I do have to say about programming. But somehow, now that I’m retired, it’s been hard to engage (hence the lack of activity). Having done it for almost 40 years, I think I need a break.

      (On the other hand, as I pick up genuine followers interested in the topic — I think there are three of you now 🙂 — I feel more pressure to provide.)

    • And thanks for signing the guestbook! 😀

  3. Hi again!

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