This blog is a place where I can write about computer programming.

It’s that simple.

I want to write about computer programming, and here I shall.

I have a blog (Logos con carne) where I write about… stuff, opinions, life,… whatever. But programming is too specific (and too technical) a topic for that blog. (It’s hard enough getting people to read science or math posts; computer programming posts, forget about it!)

I also have a blog (Book of BOOL) where I write about a pet project I’ve been tinkering with for over twenty years. And while BOOL is a programming project (in fact, BOOL is a programming language), it’s too weird and off-beat for anyone but a father to love. That blog is just a way for me to document and publish BOOL.

Which means, if I want to write about programming, I need a new blog.

And so here we are.

This blog shall consist of stories about interesting projects I did and want to remember as well as thoughts and tips about programming based on nearly 40 years of experience doing it.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Wyrd,

    It seems that your blog (Book of BOOL) is defunct.

    • It’s still around, but I let the domain name expire, so the link is now BookOfBOOL.wordpress.com. (I fixed it in the text above, so thanks for noticing and letting me know.)

      It’s not much of a blog; more a place for me to document my efforts. I finally decided to give up on BOOL, and I held a five-day, five-post, wake. (See Bye-Bye BOOL and the four posts that follow it. Those five posts are actually a pretty good overview of BOOL as well as what the big issues were that ultimately killed it.)

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